Dog Walking Services, Inverurie

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Individual Dog Walks

60 minutes of focused attention with your dog or dogs from the same household. Ensuring your dog gets the right attention for their individual needs, as all dogs are different

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Two's Company

This is a 60 minute walk with one dog from another household, matching a well suited walking buddy with your dog to ensure they get the exercise and social interaction to meet their needs

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Dog Sitting / Visits

This can range from a 20 minute visit to let your dog out for a toilet break and run around the garden, to a night walk and feed if you are working late. I can also offer company for the day if you have a day trip away, such as a wedding

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Puppy Sitting / Visits

This is for puppies that are too young for a full walk, I can let them out to the toilet, have a play, take them for a short walk (if vaccinated), freshen up their water, top up their feed and stay around for 30 minutes

"I found myself in a situation that I had never had to worry about before. I was bridesmaid to my best friend and my mum and dad were invited to the wedding too (my usual dog sitters!) Leigh came to my rescue and provided dog sitting services for Maple during the day of the wedding and stayed the night until we arrived home the next morning.

Leigh kept me up to date with pictures and messages to let me know Maple was okay. I had never left Maple with anyone else and was anxious at how she would be with someone else in her home. This made me feel at complete ease and I could enjoy my day knowing Maple was happy and safe in her own home! I would not hesitate to ask Leigh to look after my fur baby again!"
Jenni & Maple

Dogs in action

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I love my job so much, I treat every dog as if it was my own.